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Authors: Lina Azleney, Kamaruddin
Keywords: Traffic control
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: As the numbers of road users continue to grow exponentially, traffic congestion also increases and therefore a reliable traffic system is required. Meanwhile, traffic control is taking place to ensure that the traffic system is reliable. The objective of this thesis is to build a traffic control simulator named as JaTraConSim using object-oriented approach to help users study an effective way to control the fixed signal timing and evaluate traffic flows. The users specify a scenario (road network configuration) as input of JaTraConSim. Output is the result of simulation. JaTraConSim uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides animation by which users can visualize vehicle movements and traffic signals state and visually see how traffic behaves on them. JaTraConSim also produces output in the form of statistic graphs to help users to evaluate the traffic conditions. JaTraConSim is developed by using an object-oriented approach. Java is chosen to implement JaTraConSim because it is fully object-oriented features. The focus of this thesis is on graphics considerations of the user interface since it was used Swing instead of using Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). Both Swing and AWT are Java Foundation Class (JFC) components but Swing offers more graphical user interfaces if compared to AWT. As conclusion this project successfully provides a visualization of a user-defined traffic flow and users capable to compare how different road infrastructures can influence the traffic systems.
Description: Master of Software Engineering
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/127
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