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Authors: Sayyahi, Hoda
Keywords: Fuzzy case-based reasoning (FCBR)
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to develop a system that can support people toward healthy life. The main objective of the systems is to assist people in the poison cases by providing a prompt recognition and correct treatment. This aim is achievable by developing a classified system based on Fuzzy case-based reasoning (FCBR) for poison cases that is called FCBRP. Fuzzy and case-based reasoning are leading techniques in artificial intelligence. Case based reasoning (CBR) methodology presents a foundation for a new technology of building intelligent computer aided diagnoses systems. This Technology directly addresses the problems found in the traditional Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, e.g. the problems of knowledge acquisition, remembering, robust and maintenance. In this research using a CBR system will assist the physician to quickly diagnose the problem, provide pre hospitalization aid to the patient and hence reduce the risk of death due to poisoning, FCBRP stand for Fuzzy Case-based Reasoning for poison classification can recognize the types of poisoning based on the collective experience attributed by the type of symptoms and their severity. The identification it supplies is a suggestion that the human expert may accept or consider for further analysis, or completely reject.
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/242
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