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Title: Key Performance Indicators for School Resource Centre (SRC) Improvement
Authors: Saidatul Akmar Ismail
Halida Yu
Keywords: Key Performance Indicators
School Resource Centers
Performance Indicators
Library Improvement
Library Effectiveness
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: Library & Information Science Unit, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology
Abstract: The state-of –art of school resource centre (SRC) in Malaysian schools varies significantly. Some of them are well equipped, with standards that are comparable to the advanced SRC in the developed countries, while others are struggling to provide basic services. Several reasons are liable for the discrepancy, one of which is the inadequate benchmark or yardstick to guide the SRC on their standards. Employing key performance indicators (KPI) can be a starting point for the improvement of the state-of-art of SRC. Not much literature has been found to discuss the KPI in school library in Malaysia. So little is known about whether or not KPI has been employed in the SRC. There are, however, numerous guidelines and manuals available for setting up a school library, such as those from IFLA, and some locally prepared guidelines such as Garis Panduan Pemarkahan dan Penggredan and Fail Kuasa (2006). However, merely having guidelines is still not sufficient to ensure an efficient and capable library operation. The performance of library operation needs to be measured objectively based on the proposed KPI. This paper discusses the idea of introducing KPI in school libraries in such a way which the KPI scheme is used to promote school libraries’ improvement, to have informed operation decisions, and thus, to monitor progress towards target. Since the Malaysian education system is experiencing rapid educational reform, the demand of SRC as one of the learning support facilities is increasing. Among the key areas of concern are information resources, information services, learning environments, and administration climate. For a start, the SRC management could choose to adopt the PKPA (2/2005) guidelines to establish KPI and to implement performance measurement. Therefore, KPI could act not only as management tool, but also as strategic driver to the school administration on the functionality of school library.
Description: In Building an information society for all: proceedings of the International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society, ICoLIS 2007, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 26-27 June 2007
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/266
ISBN: 978-983-43491-0-3
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