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Title: ICT integration in enhancing English language teaching and learning
Authors: J. Samuel, Peterson @ Robinson
Keywords: ICT tools
Language teaching
Language learning
Virtual teacher
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Publisher: University of Malaya
Abstract: As English Language is gaining in prominence as the international language of trade and industry, there is an outcry by the private sector in Malaysia that students graduating from schools, colleges and universities cannot fit into the job market because of poor English communication skills. Little is really known on factors that contribute to low communicative competence in English Language and the impact and integration of ICT tools in English Language teaching and learning. Against this concern, this study was undertaken with the purpose to unfold and understand the need for integration of ICT tools in the teaching and learning of English Language in Malaysian schools in particular oral communication skills. The study further examines the benefits of integrating ICT tools, the success factors and obstacles encountered by English Language option teachers in ICT integration. This study used a multiple-case design approach, involving mixed methods i.e. qualitative and quantitative approaches. Teachers from nine areas in West Malaysia were involved in the study. A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was used to find out the level and extent of ICT integration carried out by English option teachers. Open-ended questions in the last part of the survey were used to find out the reasons for the poor oral communication skills of the students. Teacher and pupil interviews that were transcribed and carefully coded together with teacher observations were analyzed to find out in detail the factors that were withholding the students from verbalizing their thoughts in simple English. User requirements obtained from the research findings were subsequently used in the creation of the Virtual English Language Tool (VELT). The end objective of this tool is to improve the English language proficiency of students in particular their oral communication skills. VELT incorporates a series of interactive lessons customized to local themes, topics and language variations. The VELT modules cater for the development of different communication skills namely pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation, basic conversational English with appropriate structure, word order and appropriate semantic elements. VELT was implemented among 29 Year 5 pupils in Banting District in Selangor for a period of 9 months in 2005. Further implementation and evaluation of the tool were carried out in two other schools in 2007, namely in Ampang District and in Kuchai Lama District in Selangor. The evaluation findings on the usefulness of VELT among students in the above mentioned three case studies showed that ICT integrated lessons and the online tutorial using Instant Messaging tools not only improved their oral communication skills but further increased their attainment levels in terms of academic achievement and classroom participation. Another pertinent finding in the case studies revealed that the free audio and video conferencing tools embedded in Instant Messaging tools could be exploited by English Language teachers to enhance students’ communication skills. Besides the practical contribution of VELT, the study has developed an empirical-based framework on ICT integration which could act as a training model for pre-service and in-service English option teachers on ways of enhancing English Language teaching and learning in particular oral communication skills. This framework could further be used to serve as a general guideline for other subject areas. Despite its success in achieving its objectives, this study is subjected to several limitations that include an online progress report, incorporating audio and video conferencing tools within VELT and giving more sophistication to the VELT designs and graphic user interface elements. Future research should consider investigating cross-cultural variables so that usage of VELT as a teaching-learning tool could be extended to other countries which face similar problems.
Description: Thesis (PhD) -- Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya, 2009.
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/917
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