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Title: Digital Traditional Game
Authors: Nurul Syakirin Ramli
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2010
Abstract: This paper is purposely written to present the result of a research done regarding digital traditional game development for kids and teenagers. Being brought up in big and sophisticated cities, youngsters nowadays are not usually exposed to the traditional games that are used to be played in old times. Fading towards the extinction, the importance of developing a digital version of these games seem to be a crucial step to prevent those once famous games lost in time. Besides, most of the digital games on market nowadays fail to maintain the kids’ enthusiasm towards the applications, due to their attractiveness issue. Furthermore, some of the contents provided are not easily handled or understood by the children of age 8 to 15 years old, making the application itself dull and boring. The main goal of this research is to develop a digital traditional game of Batu Seremban for kids in primary and secondary schools. I intended to develop a digital Batu Seremban game that is able to be enjoyed among 8 to 15 years old students. The idea of introducing this digital version of Batu Seremban game is to let inexperience players be familiar with the way it is being played, without ignoring those who have already known the game and wanted to try the digital version of the Batu Seremban. This application is integrating a user friendly and attractive interface, several challenging stages for different skill level of players and also a friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a computer player. The enjoyment intensity of playing digital games is believed to be depending on the ii ability to maintain the interest of the players toward the game as long as possible; and without neglecting the fact, as a simple and attractive digital game, it can also be played by adults during leisure with no doubt that the excitement to be felt has no different as kids see it. To experiment the research, I have decided to conduct an observation and brief interview with a group of target audience regarding their exposure to the traditional Batu Seremban game, interest towards computer games and also improvement expected on current digital games in the market. The outcome of this brief survey proves that the development of the digital game involves considering several important aspects to ensure the successful of the application itself. The major keys of developing a good user centric game application include attractive interface, simple controls, and also an intelligent AI. To validate these cores, game application demonstration and testing would be done to ensure the level of audiences’ satisfaction is fulfilled towards its completion.
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