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Title: Key management for secure group communication in a wireless environment
Authors: Daghighi, Babak
Keywords: Secure group communication
Wireless environment
Data traffic distribution
Open network
Information dissemination service
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: University Malaya
Abstract: In recent years, group based applications and protocols have gradually gained popularity in term of data traffic distribution across a group of members. Examples of such applications are software updates, multimedia conferencing and information dissemination service. Since these applications typically involve communication over open network such as Internet, security has become an important requirement for them. An efficient key management is able to provide confidentiality and integrity of data exchange between members of a group. This dissertation is focused to study group key management schemes which are appropriate for wireless environment. However, most previous works on group key management have been prominently proposed for deployment in wired environment. Thus, it is the aim of this research to propose an appropriate group key management scheme for wireless environment. This work contains three main parts. First of all, a number of group key management schemes which are further classified into three design approaches including centralized, decentralized and distributed are studied. As a result, the advantages and drawbacks of these approaches are compared in order to identify the appropriate group key management design for wireless environment. Secondly, based on extracted result from the comparisons, a decentralized approach is selected as a desired architecture for group key management in this work. The components and their roles as well as protocols which involve in this architecture are then described in detail. Thirdly, an implementation of the proposed approach is conducted by using Java application programming interface (API) platform. The implementation provides a realistic evaluation of proposed scheme and tested for different aspects in regarding to join operation, leave operation and updating key materials. The work is finally concluded by identifying future research directions.
Description: Dissertation (M.C.S.) -- Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University Malaya, 2010
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/954
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