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Title: Game based framework for history learning: Using constructionism approach
Authors: Lim, Eng Lye
Keywords: Game based framework
Computer game
Learning framework
Constructionism learning theory
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: University Malaya
Abstract: History is a significant subject that study of the past. It allows students to know about what was happened and how people and societies behave at the past. Unfortunately, students nowadays lost their interest in history subject. The students claim that rote learning and memorizing the facts in traditional learning have demotivated them further the study into the historical events. Recent research showed that computer game can help to facilitate learning. While making game could give a better understanding to the students for learning a particular subject. This research has come out a game making framework which guided by Constructionism learning theory. A group of five young students were invited to participate in this research. RPGMaker has been used as the tool for participants to create a historical Role Playing Game. Participant’s learning experience during the game authoring workshop has been captured and analyzed by using case study. The targeted learners for this framework are the youth in school. They have not been trained in any game programming or game authoring skills. Hence, the tool being used to support this learning framework must be appropriated and useful to them. Therefore, an evaluation has been carried out to determine the appropriateness and the usefulness of RPGMaker in supporting this framework. Hence, it is hoped that a suitable technology can be developed in future which can truly beneficiate the students.
Description: Dissertation (M.C.S.)--Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University Malaya,2010.
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/966
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