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Title: The identification of trust factor in electronic commerce usage
Authors: Mohd Sazili Shahibi
Keywords: Electronic commerce
Trust in E-commerce
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: University Malaya
Abstract: The main objective of this research is to investigate and understand factors that contribute to trust building in e-commerce amongst internet users. Trust plays an important role in the success of e-commerce usage. Trust in e-commerce simply refers to trust in a virtual environment. Lack of trust has been repeatedly identified as one of the most formidable barriers to Internet users for engaging in e-commerce transactions. The research started with a definition of e-commerce and trust. This is followed by a study on the importance of trust in e-commerce and barriers toward e-commerce that have been identified by previous researchers. Three most dominant e-commerce trust frameworks have been analysed and adopted in this research as guidelines to improve understanding of trust factors that can promote trust in e-commerce usage. The survey and interview techniques were selected as research methodologies for the study. The survey was conducted to gain the respondents’ opinion on trust factors in e-commerce usage. The interviews were conducted to find out the respondents’ opinions on the elements of information in e-commerce website that will contribute to the building of trust amongst the e-commerce users. The respondents of the study consisted of the Public Information System Personnel of Selangor. The findings of the survey showed that the respondents have positively admitted that all core factors such as security, familiarity and privacy are important to developing trust in e-commerce application amongst Internet users. The results obtained from the survey were used to develop an e-commerce trust prototype website. The prototype was tested by the respondents before the interviews were conducted. The interview exercise further identified important elements of information on an e-commerce website to create Internet users’ confidence in using e-commerce. From the findings gathered and conclusions derived from the survey and interviews, the researcher has proposed an e-commerce trust framework and website guidelines. The framework described the four factors that contributed to Internet users’ trust in e-commerce. These factors are: familiarity, security, and privacy and website information elements. The trusted e-commerce website guidelines described the elements of information that should be placed in an e-commerce website in order to gain the Internet users’ trust.
Description: Thesis (PhD) -- Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya, 2010.
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/980
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