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Title: Supporting the learning of year 4 mathematics through solution-based quizzes and games
Authors: Eunice Thangaiah, Melissa
Keywords: Computer-aided learning package
Mathematic Software
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: University Malaya
Abstract: Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects taught in schools in Malaysia. Previously Malay language was the medium of instructions for this subject. Since 2003, English has been used as the medium of instructions in teaching Mathematics in Malaysia. Since then, it has been a controversial issue in Malaysia. Reasons such as it would erode the national language; difficulty among rural students to master this subject in English; and difficulty among teachers to deliver the subject in English has been the reasons for the idea to revert back to the teaching of Mathematics using Malay language. Currently, there are very few computer-aided learning packages of Mathematics in English or Malay language. These problems led to the development of a computer-aided learning package of Mathematics in Malay language. This proposed system focusing on solution-based quizzes and games could be used as a reference to understand the subject. As a solutionbased package, it provides solutions on how to solve the Mathematical problems in all 10 quizzes that are included in the package. This is very useful to those students who are weak in English. This computer-aided learning package was developed using Macromedia Flash 8.0, Macromedia Flash 8.0 Action Script 2.0, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Sound Forge 6.0 to record audio. Thus, it offers pupils a new experience in learning Mathematics through interesting quizzes and games in attractive graphics. Hence, it will be an interesting package to help year 4 pupils to understand this subject. This dissertation discusses the development of a computer-aided learning package of Mathematics, MAT-4 for Year 4 pupil in Malay version. MAT-4 consists of ten modules - Lessons, Quizzes, test papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) and Games. It provides solutionbased quizzes and interesting games that allow pupils to learn Mathematics on their own at home. Teachers could also use this package as an aid in teaching Mathematics. A few teachers have commented that the quizzes and games are attractive and colorful. They are also sure pupils would enjoy learning Mathematics using this package. Hence, MAT-4 serves as a useful learning package for Year 4 pupils to help them understand Mathematics.
Description: Dissertation (M.C.S.) -- Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya, 2010.
URI: http://dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/handle/1812/981
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